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Master the 5 Key Areas of Your Life With
“Life Mastery Now”

Life Mastery Now has developed a tried and tested methodology that looks at the five key areas that have the most impact in our lives.

We focus on these “5 Key Masteries” as they all impact each other for example:

  • If your relationship is rocky, then how well do you think your business/career will be performing?
  • If your health is struggling, how well are you personally doing?
  • If your money is not travelling well, then how well is your business or lifestyle doing?
  • If you are not coping or doing well, then how well is your relationship going?

And the list goes on….

Life Mastery
"We are all boxed in by the boundary conditions of our own mind and our own thinking"
Albert Einstein
Life Mastery Now

How You Do One Thing,
Is How You Do Everything

Each Life Mastery is like a piece of a pie. When a piece is missing it is no longer a whole.

At Life Mastery Now we take a holistic approach in managing and mastering your ability to thrive in all these 5 key Life Mastery areas.

Drawing on proven practices of mindset transformation and emotional release, combined with practical strategies, the Life Mastery Success Model explains how the brain influences the way we function as a human being, and provides the framework to breakthrough whatever is holding you back, so you can start creating the success you desire in all areas of your life.

Self Mastery

The older we get the more reflective we become, and we start looking at our life more objectively and questioning where we are, and what’s important to us...

Relationship Mastery

Relationships are at the basis of all that we do. Our relationship with our life partner, our children, family & friends, colleagues & our customers...

Money Mastery

The most common limitation in the Money Mastery segment is rooted in our unconscious! This means that most often we are totally unaware of the thoughts & beliefs around money...

Business Mastery

For most people their business or career is more than just a means to make money. When you think about how much time we spend at work each day, it's not surprising that what we do...

Health Mastery

Often when people are struggling with a health issue, they are feeling frustrated that they are taking all the right actions, but not getting the expected results...

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About Life Mastery

Life Mastery Now works with you to achieve clarity around the key areas of your life, empowering you to make positive and powerful changes going forward.

Transformational Coach & Mindset Specialist and owner of Life Mastery Now, Lynda Marshall, has worked with hundreds of clients across Australia who can attest to the benefits of the unique and holistic Life Mastery Now approach.

Lynda is Coffs Harbour’s #1 Transformational Coach & Mindset Specialist. She has been involved in the personal development industry for the past 24 years and during that time has become a master of many modalities for updating and reprogramming the mind.

Lynda has built a reputation on helping people achieve the things they thought were not possible.  She lives on the beautiful Coffs Coast in Northern New South Wales with her husband and two children.

Lynda Marshall

Transformational Coach &
Mindset Specialist

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