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About Us

About Us

The Life Mastery Now Coaching Formula

At Life Mastery Now we believe that you really can create the life you desire and we are committed to assisting people to create change and achieve success in all areas of their life through our Life Mastery Success Model.

Drawing on proven practices of mindset transformation and emotional release, combined with practical strategies, the Life Mastery Success Model explains how the brain influences the way we function as a human being, and provides insight into yourself and others, helping you to recognize patterns, behaviors and beliefs that are no longer serving you, and providing the framework to transform these limitations into breakthroughs.

The Life Mastery Success Model is a tried and tested coaching formula we have developed over the last 15 years, and with hundreds of valued clients across Australia who can attest to the benefits of our holistic approach, we are ready to help you to embrace the practices and techniques required for mastering your life NOW.

Meet Lynda Marshall

Lynda Marshall is a Transformational Coach & Mindset Specialist. With 24 years’ experience in the personal development industry she is an expert in reprogramming the mind.

Early on in life Lynda hit a road block and found herself out of her depth, wondering how someone such as herself, who was into personal development, could go from being a ‘happy go lucky’ person, to suffering post-natal depression and anxiety, and unable to function and cope with life. 

It just didn’t make sense how this could happen to HER.  This began a deeper journey and a ferocious curiosity to understand the brain and how we function (and create disfunction) as a human being.

Lynda made it her mission to upskill with the latest cutting-edge tools in neuro-linguistic programming and other behavioral transformation techniques.  Along the way she came to realise that “you most wish to teach what you most need to learn” and her passion to help others evolve.  Lynda now works with hundreds of people across Australia helping them to achieve things they never thought were possible, through teaching tools to be more adaptable and responsive to change.

Lynda’s experience with having used these tools with many different people has allowed her to design a formula that works.  Her techniques allow her to relate to each and every individual, and she has come to believe that every individual can “fastrack“ their success by reprogramming the mind and updating their conscious and unconscious patterns.  It is her desire to help others get the result they want in all areas of their life, and to live the life they desire.

How We Work...

Your journey starts with a one-hour complimentary Mastery Discovery Session to help you understand how Life Mastery Now can help you get the most from your life, business/career, and relationships.

Who is this for:

Anyone wanting to change or improve an area of their life, recapture their life purpose, or reinvent aspects of their life.

What this will do for you:

During this session we use our specifically designed techniques to help clarify your thought processes and identify key areas to make positive and powerful changes going forward.

In some cases, people feel the value they have gained at this point is perfect for them right now and are happy to step out on their own and put their actions into practice.

For others, the potential unlocked by the Mastery Discovery Session is such that they recognise they are ready to learn more and want to know more about what Life Mastery Now has to offer.  If this is you, and you are feeling excited by the clarity you have gained through your complimentary Mastery Discovery Session, our next step is to discuss a plan going forward.

We start by assessing where you are at and where you want to be in the future, and design a plan for the priority areas of Mastery you want to focus on, with the express aim of supporting you to achieve your goals.

Once you can see what is possible, it will be obvious whether Life Mastery Now is the right fit for you, and you will in the best possible position to choose how you wish to move forward.

If the clarity and insights are starting to pop for you and have you brimming with possibility, then chances are you are ready to access all that Life Mastery Now has to offer. 

The next step is to enrol in our personal coaching program where you will gain access to the transformational tools and techniques to create change in each of the Life Mastery areas and achieve your goals

This requires a commitment from both parties to achieving Life Mastery Now!

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